Sarah Tyau lit dans la couture comme dans un livre ouvert. D’un pantalon elle nous fait une jupette et inversement. Les formes sont interchangeable et si tu te sens lassée de ta chemise trop grande elle serait bien capable de t’en faire une charmante petite robe. Comme en témoigne son compte Instagram, ses transformations vestimentaires sont de véritables performances. Pratique aussi pour faire des économies en matière de fringues pour enfants.


I'm back, pitches!? Did you miss me? Or did you just miss my refashions??? . It's a little sad when I don't post for merely 2 weeks & people are wondering where I am, if I'm okay, if I've been abducted by aliens, etc. It's so sweet but what does that say about me?? But I did shut off right after posting on my story of me having an anxiety attack(which was not planned obviously and I contemplated back & forth whether to delete or not because it was so personal. But thank you so much for all your support & advice!!! You guys are really the best.?), so it does warrant some worry. But I'm just fine, I didn't plan to not post but life got super busy(mostly all good things) and I was busy living in the moment! It was SO nice not posting on here.? I loved it so much that I seriously contemplated quitting Instagram. I thought about posting yesterday but had no desire. And it took me some self motivation to post today. . . I'll have to write my thoughts on all that in a blog post later but this DIY was from 2 weeks ago when I turned a 4 yr. old trouser that I never ended up wearing into an overall dress. The bib is detachable so I could wear it as a plain pencil skirt too. I also have another new Refashion Revision up that just published tonight so go watch it at or link in bio! _____________________________________________________________ Also, who's going to @cvxlive this week? I got asked if I'd like to have a meet & greet booth there, would you be interested in that? I'm a small-time YouTuber so it'll be shame if no one shows up while I'm all trying to act cool and not bothered that I'm talking to me, myself & I??

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Refashioned my old XS shirt into a peplum top for my daughter for the 4th of July last year, along with a matching headband. Link in bio for more photos + a full tutorial. . . #sharingmyheartwithyoust I’ve been touring homes for the Parade of Homes the past few days(newly built homes are open to the public to walk through) and many were multiple million dollar homes, 14,000 square ft., swimming pool, basketball court, exercise room, sauna, dance room, movie room, and a 12 car garage.? I know it’s hard not to compare our lives to others who seem more “successful” than us but I hope you can realize & internalize that what we own is separate from how much we are worth. What we own doesn’t add any more value nor does it define us. Me going viral and gaining lots of followers doesn’t add anymore value to who I am nor does it make me worth more. I was just as cool, worth just the same as when I had 10 followers! A billionaire is worth no more than a homeless person. The world labels people such as “This 35-year old entrepreneur who is worth 15 million” but that could be further from the truth on people’s real worth. Once we can separate the fact that what we own(and so many other things I’ll discuss on a later post) does not and should not add to our self esteem or self worth, or I cannot emphasize this enough, how we judge and value others, or especially treat others, we’d always be confident and less prone to be offended nor play the comparison game nor feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. . . So how do you measure someone’s value? You don’t. Because we are all worth infinite amount, every single person. No matter what. We were all born with this birthright of infinite worth and no matter what you do, no matter what happens to you, what you own, what you look like, what weaknesses/strengths you have, that tremendous worth never changes or goes away. It cannot be gained nor lost since it’s never left you and will always stay with you.

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Here’s a green dress I refashioned, Happy St. Patrick’s! I usually do something super simple like put food coloring in the kids’ milk or eat green candy but ever since we found out a few years ago Jay is part leprechaun, I mean Irish(one time I literally said that to our friends, I forgot “Irish” so I said, “Did you know Jay is part... what do you call it, leprechaun?”?????) I’ve been trying a little harder, kind of, so Jay & I went grocery shopping to go buy shepherds pie from Costco(I’ve never had this pie) but Jay said he wasn’t a fan so we ended up buying a chicken pot pie instead. As we were driving back home, the kids called us and told us they made a leprechaun trap and hid in the corner under blankets for a long, long time but he never came. They sounded so disappointed so we made a spontaneous stop at a store to buy treats & a box of lucky charms, and then we were driving home but we were super hungry and when we drove by Burger Supreme, it sounded really good so we made a U-turn to get hamburgers & fries and served it with green fry sauce for dinner. Then while the kids were bathing, the leprechaun came and was so clumsy and loud which the kids heard so they hurriedly finished their baths and came out to find their trap broken but with treats inside. Our oldest was sure she found a footprint & his belt????? but it was really tiny so my second child wrote a letter to the leprechaun, “Dear leprocon, pleas leav your stuf like pans, pantys, hat, belt and shirt and shoes right hear. P.S. Thank you for the ice bracrs and lucky charms.” So that was our celebration. I love the innocence of little kids and how they make the Holidays so much fun. . . Any fun traditions you do for St. Patty’s? Or do you put food coloring in random food and call it good like me?????? You’re a wonderful mom either way!

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Yesterday I needed to be around positivity. I needed to uplift my soul. I thought, ‘I will be the one to uplift others.’ So as I walked around Target, every person that passed by I thought of something nice. I complimented a girl with beautiful lavender hair in braids. I thought maybe I should say it out loud to each one but some were a simple “I love you.” or a silent prayer for them to have a great day. Can you imagine if I said those out loud? “Hey, you! I love you! I really do!”, “Heavenly Father! Please help that this lady walking by me, yes, YOU! I pray you’ll have a great day today! In the name of Jesus, amen!” Yeah, nope. . Then I went to Sprouts. The blueberries were on sale again. 4 for $5 this time! So of course I thought of my dad. “Buy it & give it to someone else.” an immediate thought came. No! Not again! It was so awkward last time & I cried! But I’ve learned that when I suppress a thought to do a kind deed, I always regret it. So I grabbed them w/ plans to give to our next door grandma. Then I passed by a mom w/ 2 young kids & thought, ‘What a good mom she is.’ Then a thought came that I should tell her! I thought no! Stop it! I’m an introvert & I hate doing these things! I passed by her for the 3rd time when I finally said, “Excuse me? I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re a great mom. I love the way you talk to your kids. I can tell you’re a wonderful mom.” I was so uncomfortable & bashful but she looked at me w/ the most sincere eyes & kept telling me thank you. That she appreciates me telling her, so much, more than I’ll ever know. “What did she say to you mom?” Her toddler boy asked as he came back to her. “That lady just said something really nice to me.” I heard her say as I was several feet away from her. Then tears rolled down my eyes. I felt my dad. & my soul was lifted. All the negative energy in my heart was gone. “Dad? I’m getting outta here so you can’t tell me to say anything anymore to a complete stranger!” I thought. Then a thought came that I needed to share this.? So here I am. . You can’t fight for positivity with negativity. Positivity. Love. Light. Is always the answer. I need to remember this more than anyone.

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