Stephen McMennamy est photographe mais il ne se contente pas seulement de prendre des objets ou des paysages, il les mélange les uns aux autres pour jouer avec les échelles et créer de très chouettes mashups aussi absurdes que plaisants à regarder.

  1. cardboard box + the "ice cube" ?? #tbt on a few levels. the structure is the Georgia archives building (built in 1965) and was designed by A. Thomas Bradbury. Google "georgia archives building" to learn more, but the headline is, the city plans to demolish it once it has the money to do so. BONUS MORSEL... my dad isn't on Instagram, but I'll show him a #combophoto from time to time. I asked if he recognized the building and he said, "yes, your grandfather was friends with the architect." which then unlocked even more enlightening old timey informational Atlanta nuggets about my grandfather and the cool stuff he bore witness to as this city was getting its architectural act together (though these men started their friendship at Lockheed in California). whatever, it's all pretty trippy and time is a flat circle and so on and so forth. DOUBLE BONUS... shot this with the drone on a windy ass sunny day, way back when we had sun in #Atlanta. ??? #weloveatl #box #architecture #drone #vscocam #combophotos

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