L’instagrameuse Lucy Mountain s’amuse à faire des petites comparaisons entre différents aliments, pour démonter quelques idées reçues qu’on a sur la nutrition. C’est bien foutu et ça permet de se rendre compte qu’on pense parfois faire des efforts intelligents alors qu’on est juste en train de s’engraisser comme des idiots. Ou alors, elle nous montre que ce qu’on croit être un petit écart est en fait un gros écart. Au moins maintenant on ne pourra pas dire qu’on ne savait pas.

3. Les chips de légumes, c'est la fausse bonne idée

Nous qui pensions manger plus sain, on est bien baisés.

5. Des amandes contre des bonbons, et une même quantité de calories

Ça ne veut pas dire que c’est mieux de manger des bonbons hein. Les oléagineux, c’est bon pour le corps, pas comme le sucre raffiné.

A handful of Almonds vs. A packet of Fruit Pastels ?? ? Both snacks have the same calories. Which one would you pick?? ? Occasionally I’m the left hand, but mostly I’m the right hand. (I know, shocking. A person who considers themselves into health and fitness eats sweets - and is openly talking about it on social media.) ???? ? You see, although I’m fully aware that a handful of almonds contains lots of wonderful nutrients that would keep me fuller for longer, some days (no matter whether I’m looking to gain, maintain or lose weight) I’ll choose to eat sweets or a chocolate bar as a snack ?? ? Why? Because when the majority of my diet has consisted of well-balanced food that’s full of micronutrients, I have no issue eating something thats less so just because I love the taste of it. This is just a personal choice. Cutting out things I love isn’t realistic for me so I always squeeze something sweet into my days (all whilst still sticking to my calorie/macro/micro targets.)? ? Many would choose the almonds for the nutritional value or the flavour - which is totally fine. Many would choose the almonds because even though they'd prefer Fruit Pastels, almonds would make them feel more ‘on track’ mentally - which again, is totally fine ?? ? I’m not glorifying sweets, or almonds for that matter. I’m glorifying knowing what’s in the food you’re eating, and make educated decisions based on your own values. And I value food that’s good for my body and good for my soul.? ? ‘Healthy' to me is exactly what I make it. And Fruit Pastels (in moderation) make me happy which I believe contributes largely to my overall health ?? ? #theFFF #theFFFeed @thefffeed

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9. Deux versions du porridge avec des fruits

Aucune des deux n’est mauvaise, mais elles apportent des choses différentes à notre petit corps. Et ça reste toujours mieux que les Chocapics.

Protein Porridge vs. Protein Porridge ?? ? Neither of these bowls are 'good' or 'bad'.? Neither of these ingredients are 'good' or 'bad'.? They are just bowls of oats with different toppings.? ? Both bowls have different calorie totals.? Both bowls have different macronutrient values.? Which one you might go for depends on your goal.? ? Why you might pick the left bowl:? 1. Your goal is weight-loss and this will help you reach a sensible calorie deficit.? 2. Your goal is weight-gain but the remainder of your diet for the day will meet your total requirements.? 3. The micronutrient value.? 4. You just wanna eat it.? ? Why you might pick the right bowl:? 1. Your goal is weight-gain and this will help you reach a sensible calorie surplus.? 2. Your goal is weight-loss but the remainder of your diet for the day will meet your total requirements.? 3. The micronutrient value.? 4. You just wanna eat it.? ? Calories aren't the sole indicator of 'health'. This is subjective term. How many calories you consume and how many you use through activity is an important part of weight management but there any many other things to consider ?? ? So just do you ?? ? ? Left bowl:? - 40g oats? - 1 scoop protein? - 250ml almond milk? - 60g blueberries? - 60g raspberries? - 15g manuka honey? ? Right bowl:? - 40g oats? - 1 scoop protein? - 250ml almond milk? - 1 banana? - 4 dates? - 20g almond butter? ? #theFFF #theFFFeed @thefffeed

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10. Non, le chocolat noir n'est pas moins calorique

On le croyait, innocents que nous étions.

100g Milk Chocolate vs 100g 85% Dark Chocolate ? ? ? So it’s pretty unknown that dark chocolate actually has more calories than milk chocolate (and white chocolate for that matter.)? ? Dark is often given the label as the ‘healthy’ version of chocolate. And although calories aren’t the sole indicator of ‘healthy’, we just presume it has lower calories. So which one is best for weight-loss?? ? In most cases, Dark chocolate has less sugar, more fiber and more iron than milk. It’s basically more nutritious than milk chocolate.? ? Regardless, I will always go for milk for two reasons:? ? 1. I think Dark chocolate tastes like garden leaves.? ? 2. Chocolate isn’t something I’ll seek out when I’m looking to pack in those vitamins and minerals - especially in a diet that already consists of adequate fruit, vegetables and micronutrient-dense food ? I enjoy chocolate for it’s taste, not it’s nutritional value. My diet is inclusive of it always - no matter what my goal is at the time ?? ? For those of who genuinely love dark chocolate, keep doing you ?. However if you PREFER the taste of milk, but force yourself to eat dark because you've read it’s 'healthier', just have the milk chocolate and enjoy it ? In terms of weight-loss from a calorie perspective, it’s actually more beneficial and will raise happiness levels by 938% (unproven stat.)? ? Don’t eat things you don’t enjoy for the sake of it. Personal enjoyment is ‘healthy’ in my eyes ?? Which side are you guys?!? ? #theFFF #theFFFeed @thefffeed

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On se couchera moins bêtes, et peut-être moins gras.


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