Il y a des vies plus pénibles que celle de girleatworld, dont la principale activité est de silloner le monde pour voir ce qu'on peut acheter à bouffer dehors. Une photo qui donne faim dans un décor qui fait envie, voila qui justifie un voyage en avion à l'autre bout de la planète. Petit tour du monde des trucs qui font grossir :

  1. Des biscuit Tim Tam à Sydney

    3rd favorite #GirlEatWorld moment in 2015 - Having a dark chocolate Tim Tams at the Circular Quay in Sydney ??. I went to Australia for two weeks in May with @yhaaustralia. It was such a life changing trip! I got to meet awesome people in the city too: @nancyonathan, @jimmyeatsw0rld, Vinh and @kirra_811. Why Tim Tams? The chocolate biscuit is pretty much synonymous with Australia. There are tons of variety but my favorite is still the dark chocolate one! And also the raspberry one by Adriano Zumbo ? What's your favorite Tim Tams? Comment ?? and let me know Sydney Opera House were only opened 42 years ago, but it has today become the most recognizable symbol of Sydney. In 2007, the building was listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, describing it as great urban sculpture set in a remarkable waterscape, at the tip of a peninsula projecting into Sydney Harbour. My tip: Walk across the Harbour Bridge to see different sides of the opera house for free! #SeeAustralia #RestaurantAustralia

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  2. Un donut Hello Kitty à Tokyo

    Happy Monday! Missing this Hello Kitty donut at the organized chaos of the shibuya crossing in Tokyo ???. The Shibuya "scramble" crossing is well known for people watching and a must visit while in Tokyo. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians would pour out from all sides and meet in the middle of the intersection. I find it very calming to watch from afar. Also, Hachiko statue is in one of the corners of this intersection! --- I've been spending some time re-learning Japanese through and I love it so much! To my fellow ??? learners, i highly recommend checking out @iknowjp to review your kanji, listening skills and vocabularies. It makes the learning process super fun compared to using flash cards! However, this app will not teach Japanese from scratch - you have to use this in conjunction of a text book since they do not teach you grammar. I wish apps like this existed when I was learning Japanese in college! You can also learn other language like Chinese and English for SAT learners #iKnowjp

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  3. Des Kandil simidi à Istambul
  4. Des Krupuk en Indonésie

  5. Un Teh tarik à Singapour

    My morning Teh Tarik at Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown. Got teased by a hawker uncle while I was taking this pic... ?? "Come come, I take for you" he said. The drink is traditionally served in a plastic bag with green plastic holder and a straw if you order the iced version and choose to tapao (take-away) the drink Teh Tarik literally means "pulled tea" in Malay. The name comes from the way this tea is poured during preparation, which includes an impressive "pulling" motion while pouring it back and forth between two cups. This is done to mix the ingredients (black tea and condensed milk) and create that smooth, frothy and creamy texture. The origins of Teh Tarik are traced back to the Indian-Muslim immigrants in World War II, who sets up drink stalls to serve workers in the rubber planations of Malay peninsula. Nowadays, it remains a popular beverage of choice for breakfast in both Malaysia and Singapore! ????

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  6. Une brioche panda à Kobe
  7. Un croissant à Paris
  8. Des Empanadas à Majorque
  9. Des Hanami dango devant le Mont Fuji
  10. Un gâteau de semoule en Jordanie

  11. Un Cadbury à Stonehenge
  12. Des boulettes de poissons à Hong Kong

  13. Un froyo à Malte
  14. Une barre chocolatée 5 stars dans l'Himalaya
  15. Un mystérieux Toblerone en Suisse

Et vous, vous prenez quoi pour le goûter ?

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