Si les extraterrestres nous observent, ils doivent se dire que la Terre, à priori, c'est pas mal. Titulaire d'un permis de pilote, le photographe Alex MacLean parcourt le monde pour prendre des photos aériennes. Bijoux d'architecture, paysages scotchants ou moments inédits, l'Américain offre des images qui ne nous auraient pas été données de voir s'il n'était pas monté dans son avion pour les photographier :

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    Lamberts Point Coal Terminal, Norfolk, VA, 2011: The coal from hundred-ton coal train cars will be loaded on to ocean-going bulk carriers to be burned at foreign destinations. Regardless of where this coal is burned, the CO2 will end up in our atmosphere as a result. The recent UN report states that in order to avert catastrophic climate change, coal needs to be cut back to 0-1% usage in electric energy generation. As for "beautiful clean coal,” these uncovered cars coming from the coalfields in south-west Virginia lose an average of one ton of coal dust per rail car on their way to this loading facility. This has adverse effects on the those who live along the route. It would be best to just keep coal in the ground. . . . #environmentalism #climatechange #aerialphotography #coal #NorfolkVA #coal #trains #photography #mindshift @ellenmillergallery @yanceyrichardsongallery @huxleyparlour @schirmermosel @robertkochgallery

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Étonnant, non ?

Source : Alex MacLean (via Wired)