Bon, tout le monde est fauché, on mange de la crise à longueur de journées, même Julien Courbet a été viré, "Lost" n'avance pas, bref c'est la merde... Heureusement, il reste les photos. Pour rêver un peu sur des plages où l'on n'ira jamais. Ou pas tout de suite. Ou jamais. Bref, respirez, scrollez, soufflez, vous y êtes... (Astuce pouvoir d'achat : imprimez ces photos au bureau, ça coute moins cher. Marche aussi en wallpaper.). Ce moment de bonheur vous est gracieusement offert par Topito, sponsor officiel du bien-être.

  1. Matira, Bora Bora, Polynésie Française

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    #Borabora #Matira Beach #2013 #Polynesie #memories #saudades

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  2. La Digue, Seychelles

  3. Ari Atoll, Maldives

  4. Lanikai, Oahu, Hawaii

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    I’m sad and miss Hawai’i. ???

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  5. Pink Sands, Bahamas

  6. Tulum, Mexique

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    Have you heard of the BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY? To me, TikTok is still a blue ocean — but it will turn red real soon. Is TikTok the NEXT Instagram? Is it here to STAY? Is there real potential for businesses and influencers? If I had to bet my money, my answer is yes. I truly believe the platform is here to stay. Will it get bigger than Instagram? Not sure. But does that matter? Facebook is still a lot bigger than Instagram in number of users, but it has lost most of its relevancy. Remember how Facebook used to be for college kids? And Instagram was just a photo-sharing app? Every social media platform has a similar life-cycle and the early adopters tend to be the younger generations. The thing is, for the first time in the social media era, we - Millennials - aren't the youngest generation (pause for a sad realization moment?). So if you're saying you're too old for TikTok exactly like you parents used to say when you joined Facebook or even Instagram, think again. I've learned a whole lot about TikTok in the past couple of months -- and the more I do, the more I see its future and potential. I've grown my followers there from zero to over 90K in just 8 weeks and had quite a few videos hit over 1M views (with my most recent hitting over 4.5M). ? I've also learned to love it ??from a user perspective. If you give it a real shot and use it enough to let the algorithm learn the content you like (and not just dance videos), I bet you'll get completely addicted to it like I did. The number one thing I hear from aspiring influencers is 'I'm too late to the game -- it's so much harder to grow on Instagram today vs. 3 years ago" or "I wish I had started 8 years ago like the 'lucky' influencers that today have millions of followers'. Now you have your chance of not being ''too late''. Are you going to take it? If you're interested in learning more about TikTok, let me know in the comments -- I'm thinking of hosting a workshop/training if enough of you show interest :)

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  7. Maya Beach, Ko Phi Phi, Thaïlande

  8. Boracay, Philippines

  9. Pulau Burung, Indonésie

  10. Noordhoek, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

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    Embracing the waves ?

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Attention au filet de bave sur le clavier... Et vous sinon, vous connaissez d'autres plages de rêve ?