La plupart de ces phrases proviennent des plus grand du Funk et de la Soul... I wanta get into it, man, you know....

  1. Put your hands together, come on and stomp your feet, Lord !
  2. Get down !!
  3. Get Up !!
  4. Hit me !!
  5. Come on and let's get free
  6. Doing it to death !
  7. Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!
  8. clap your hands, say yeah !
  9. Clap your hands get up and dance and shake it with me
  10. wave your hands in the air , wave on like you just don't care !
  11. move your feet to the rythm of the bit
  12. Bitch you gotta shake it, Shake It Like a Salt Shaker
  13. Get-get-get-get-get-get on the dance floor, baby
  14. Shake that shit, this ain't no mothafuckin' drill
  15. Shake your money maker
  16. Shake it like a dollar, a five or ten
  17. You've gotta get on the groove, If you want your body to move
  18. Shake your body don’t wanna quit gotta get another hit
  19. Get on up and jam (Jam, jam, jam)
  20. All around the world let me hear you say : "TOPITOOOOOOOO !"

écrit par UncleJam, nouveau topiteur