Et oui, il faut croire qu'il est possible qu'un chien nous mette à l'amende avec son style extra et son feed instagram toujours plus alimenté. On vous présente Pug le Carlin, un clebs qui pèse et qui traîne avec les plus grandes stars..

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    Sharing from @lesliemosier I’m going to get deep in my psyche for a moment. Ever since Doug became famous I had an extreme fear of him passing away. Maybe it’s because of the rude questions I would get while I was facing my fear of public speaking, a stranger asking “so what are you going to do when the dog dies?” Doug also had a reaction to a medication a few years ago and for a moment we thought we may lose him, which triggered intense anxiety for me anytime the slightest thing was off with him. It is of course inevitable. It is for all of us. For dogs, it is a much harder thing to grasp…their lifespan is much shorter than ours to the point where it is unfair. They get grey faster, you notice they don’t have as much energy as they used to. We can feed them the best diets and give them the longest walks, but at the end of the day the anxiety can set in and take your mind to that sad place. I say all of this not to be depressing, but to say that I no longer hold onto this fear. I have let it go, and I instead place immense gratitude in getting to spend each day with Doug. Each day is a gift, and I take comfort knowing that our souls are forever intertwined and all that is meant to be will be. Doug has changed our lives, and he has changed many of your lives, and he is one in a billion. With every meal I give him I say a little prayer over his food…”may this food be filled with light, love, nourishment, and a long and healthy life”…and I am trusting that. We must live for the now, not the voice in our head that reminds us of the pain that may come one day. We can stop putting our energy into the worst case scenario and give power to the best case scenarios! Once I changed this mindset, and turned my fears into gratitude, I became free. ?

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    “?I dig u, do u dig me too??” -Doug

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    “I just miss u a lot, that’s all” -Doug

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    “?I liked Doug The Pug before he was famous” -Doug

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La ressemblance est bluffante non ?

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