Jean-Paul Bourdier est un architecte et photographe qui vit en Californie (comme son nom ne l'indique absolument pas). Et Jean-Paul, ce qu'il aime, c'est le corps humain et la nature. Son projet Leap into the Blue, qui fait suite à un livre nommé Bodyscapes, combine des paysages américains, des corps, du body-painting, de la danse, de la sculpture et de la photo, pour en faire une espèce de ratatouille visuelle assez magique. Et nous, on aime la ratatouille.

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    Greetings from La France - been so wonderful to come here again (though frankly I am now ready to be back home within my creature comforts). The Kickstarter campaign has LESS than 2 weeks left. We are MORE than 90% funded. To be able to design/print my new book independently, not in reliance of a publisher, is so exciting for me. Soon, I hope, it's a reality. Two publishers have seen the project on Kickstarter and already reached out to me - one even backed it. It opens doors. And - if we can get to 100% soon enough and go a little over, I have offered to increase the size and dimensions of the book, and include some extra's (including revelations I have not done before), with no added cost to anyone for any of these extra's. I know it is the nature to wait until the end, but I hope you will visit the page now (or revisit). I believe these images are among my finest. Please choose a reward - whatever works for you; remember - it's not donating, it's all about you getting rewards - though of course, it is also so helpful for me. Merci beaucoup. Jean-Paul

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