L’Australie brûle depuis le mois de septembre. Les feux sont plus dramatiques encore que ce que l’Amazonie et la Californie ont subi ces derniers mois. 500 millions d’animaux calcinés, 24 morts, des centaines de milliers de gens déplacés… Le dérèglement climatique a rarement été aussi palpable. Si vous avez envie de vous sentir dans un film d’apocalypse, il vous suffit de regarder les photos ci-dessous.

Promis, je vous ai épargné les photos d’animaux morts.

1. (Ceci n'est pas une photo mais une visualisation en 3D à partir d'une image satellite)






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What is happening to our beautiful home is unfathomable. I am heartbroken for those affected. Devastated at the loss of wildlife and nature. Guilty at how ignorant I have been towards our political agenda. Ashamed at how we blatantly ignored the advice of our First Nations people and destroyed their sacred land. Angry that industries have bled this country dry of its natural resources for economic gains. Sad my future kids won’t get to see parts of this amazing country that I have been so lucky to see. Scared for the future. But proud of our incredibly brave firefighters working endlessly to protect us and inspired by how our community has come together and showed up. We’ve been complacent and in turn have handed our power over to greedy politicians with other priorities, who have got away with murder because we let them. We have known of these fire dangers for years, but did nothing. Known that our reef is almost gone, but turned a blind eye. Known of the climate change threats, but ignored them. We have been living with these fires for four months now, but it wasn’t until flames were at our doorsteps and the air so polluted that we couldn’t breathe, that we decided to take action. We have all sat back thinking “she’ll be right,” waiting for someone else to do something. But enough is enough. It’s time we woke up to the reality facing us and start fighting for real change – and everyone’s voice matters. Donating is great but speaking up and showing up is what is most important. Pressure on our government to stop coal exports starting with the Adani, to listen to indigenous communities and hand back land management to the experts and to take immediate and real climate change action. Sign petitions (I have started one – link in my bio) Attend protests (there is one at Town Hall on Friday) Send a letter to local parliament telling them what you want so they can properly represent you Before you vote, do your research! Cut back on consumerism and waste Keep talking and sharing These are the organisations I have so far donated to and I urge you to donate if you can: @nswrfs @wireswildliferescue and GoFundMe ‘Fire relief for First Nations Communities’ ???

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The link for donations is in our bio. ?? . Australia is our home, and we are devastated to know that so many people, animals have perished, fellow Aussies are without houses and that there are so many who are unsure of the future. .. The team at BackpackersWorld are truly saddened by the impact the recent bushfires have had and our sympathies go out to the families and communities who are impacted by the fires. .. We send our good vibes to those fighting the fires, our firefighters are truly today’s superheroes. . .. We have never been more proud to be a part of a nation that rallies around our communities and we must continue to do so, including the tourism sectors who may have been impacted. ... We encourage those who are travelling to Australia to seek the most up to date information via Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology - http://www.bom.gov.au/. .. For specific advice, updates are available from the Rural Fire Service, National Parks and relevant State or Territory emergency services. The Australian Travel Industry, in conjunction with the Australian @redcrossau have set up a special fundraiser page to make donating possible within just a few clicks. . At the time of this post, $12,001 of a $250,000 goal has been raised. .. #linkinbio for our donations. . .. Amid the Australian bushfire crisis, we’d like to assure you that the safety of our customers is paramount, please contact us if you need to rearrange current and future trips or be provide with alternatives. . Image by NRMA Insurance , ‘help is who we are’ campaign. . The team at @backpackersworld. ??

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