Entièrement consacré au soutien des sans-abris, le Cafe Art de Londres a récemment décidé de mettre à la disposition des SDF de la ville une centaine d'appareils photo avec lesquels ils étaient censés capturer "leur Londres". Les clichés viennent d'être développés et le résultat est plutôt bluffant quand on sait que tous les participants sont des amateurs. Le Cafe Art a désormais pour ambition d'en faire un calendrier dont les fonds seront reversés aux associations en faveur des sans-abris. Vous pouvez participer via Kickstarter.

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    Throwback Thursday?: ? ? Photo by Ellen Rostant, chosen by public vote for May in 2016 My London calendar. Ellen Rostant took this shot in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. ‘It’s like you are in a tunnel when you are homeless: It’s a journey and there’s always going to be light at the end of the tunnel. [Like this photo], there is some dark and light patches in between on the journey.’ Aged sixteen, Ellen lives with her parents and siblings in temporary housing where they have been for three years. Her father Andre sells The Big Issue in Soho and her mother works at a supermarket. She recently finished Eastleigh Community School in Stratford and is now going to Leyton Sixth Form College doing geography, 3-D graphic design and photography. ‘Hopefully I am able to go into something like landscape photography or maybe portraits or art stuff. I don’t have a camera, I use my phone.’? ? #homeforhomelessart #peopleeffectedbyhomelessness #ertofhomelessness #streetart #streetphotography? #homelessphotography #prettyarchway #pathway #plantarchway #empowerment #throwbackthursday @royalphotographicsociety @fujifilmx_uk

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    Photo by Frances Whitehouse, 2015 MyLondon Photo Project Exhibition. Frances Whitehouse says: ‘This is Tom, a local cleaner that I know from my area and I was in a shop looking at all these toys. I did it so they are in the foreground – they are larger than him! So it’s a bit of juxtaposition.’ Frances, who has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the past, left home when she was really young because she had a violent childhood. ‘I lived in a pipe for some time.’ Since volunteering with SHP @shpcharity she has found a new partner and is much more happy. ‘I’ve been having counselling. Now I’m finally feeling like I’ve made progress. Frances, who got an A in art at college and a diploma in shoe design, has paintings Café Art’s art in café programme. ‘I hadn’t done art for some time and they helped me realise my potential. When you are unhappy you disassociate yourself from reality and Café Art has helped me feel valued again by giving me confidence, because of my art. Now I value everything I draw or see.’ #homelessness #homelessnessphotography #islington_london #colour #color #plastictoys #hivisjacket

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    Photo by Goska Calik, 2015 MyLondon Photo Project Exhibition. Goska Cailk: ‘That’s my bike. I spent almost a whole day in Hyde Park. That was the only place where there was nobody at all. So I just sat there. It was very very hot that day but there are quite a lot of trees and I ate my lunch there.’ She became homeless when she lost her job due to illness. After sofa-surfing for several months she was finally directed to Crisis @crisis_uk where she was helped to find a place to live. Goska was taught photography by her father in Poland. She goes also was helped by @cardboardcitz Cardboard Citizens, a homelessness support organisation where she participates in photography as well as dance, forum theatre and creative writing. She retrained - studying counselling and works as a support worker with people with mental health problems. #homelessness #homelesslivesmatter #homelessnessawareness #hydepark #bicycle #summer

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Une chouette initiative qui change un peu de tous les coups de prostituées que l'on fait à ces malheureux sans-abris.

Source : Cafe Art, BoredPanda