Si élever un ours ne vous rassure pas trop, vous pouvez toujours adopter la lune et la balader de temps en temps. C'est ce qu'a fait Leonid Tishkov, qui se moque bien des gens qui utilisent Photoshop pour faire de belles photos. Lui, il a besoin que d'une lampe en forme de lune et un appareil photo. Russia power.

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    No Man's Library / La Biblioteca di Tutti Opening 10th May 2018 Ex Biblioteca Universitaria di Sassari. The countdown featuring the artist's profiles continues in alphabetical order. # 5?1? Leonid Tishkov (NižnieSergi, Russia, 1953) applies surreal, irrational techniques to the avant-garde dream. Styles are mixed and superimposed onto each other, disorienting the spectator. The artist is a storyteller, following a poetic, metaphysical and at times magical tradition. In a world full of contradictions and violence his projects – private, calm, delicate – take us back to a romantic visionlong since forgotten. Protagonist of his shelves: his own private Moon @unissgram @decamaster @nomansland_foundation @now_newoperationwave Info: #nomanslibrary #sentiericontemporanei #leonidtishkov #zerynthia #decamaster #fondazionedisardegna #uniss #sassari #nomanslandfoundation { Photo courtesy the artist } zerynthia_contemporaryart#mariopieroni #dorastiefelmeier #radioartemobile #artcurator #contemporaryart #gallerist #artist #arttalk #exhibition #artshow #formation #installation #soundart #videoart #performance #digitalart #roundtable #artandscience @zerynthia_contemporaryart #privatemoon

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    Moscow's Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts floats to the Moon in Venice. The Pushkin Museum makes its debut at the Venice Biennale, which is considered the most prestigious event in the contemporary art world. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow presents the exhibition, "Man as a bird. Images of Travels," scheduled for the parallel program of the Venice Biennale opening on May 13. This is the museum's first time participating at the Venice Biennale. The exhibition, which will be held at the Palazzo Soranzo Van Axsel, is curated by the Pushkin Museum's director, Marina Loshak, and Olga Shishko, who works in the museum's digital art department. On display will be art works by 14 Russian and foreign artists. The museum's press office said the exhibition, "explores the history of the interaction of discoveries in the field of optics and art, which have always been united by a desire to know the world and determine the place of humans in it." In other words, the curators will talk about how travel helped humanity invent photos and videos. The exhibition will unite sound and light installations, videos, photos and objects from artists such as Semen Alexandrovsky, Tatyana Akhmetgalieva, Dmitry Bulnygin, Marnix De Nies, Martin Onert and Masaki Fujihat. Among the most interesting art works to be displayed will be light installation #privatemoon and photos by the Russian artist Leonid Tishkov, in which he "rolls" on a boat to the Moon. "Man as a bird. Images of Travels" opens May 13 and runs until Sept. 5, 2017. #leonidtishkov #privatemoon #venicebiennale #pushkinmuseum

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    #privatemoon in Romania. Living Stones. I see as a mad gardener watering the stones when they are just dead stones, lying beside the road. But a year later everyone will see that they will be more, and twenty years later, covered with flowers. And after another twenty years whole Earth will be a beautiful garden, you only need to be watered every day these stones, not to stop and to believe that they are alive. Trovanti. Costesti. Romania. #??????????? ? ???????. ????? ?????. ??? ??????, ??? ? ???????? ????????, ?????????? ?????, ????? ??? ????? ???? ??????? ?????, ??????? ? ??????. ?? ????? ??? ??? ??????, ??? ??? ?????? ??????, ? ????? ???????? ??? ????????? ???????. ? ??? ????? ???????? ??? ????? ?????? ?????????? ?????, ???? ?????? ???????? ??? ????? ?????? ????, ?? ??????????????? ? ??????, ??? ??? ?????. ????????. ????????. ??????? #???????????? #leonidtishkov

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    Nameless Moon. Sebes Glod station. Never stops a diesel-electric locomotive in the station Sebes Glod. But one day a miracle happened and the nameless moon has come to this station. Trackman now, a former teacher cosmography, every night waiting the unnamed star. But no star does not deviate from its path... ?????????? ????. ??????? ????? ????. ?? ??????? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ??????????????? ??????-??????????. ?? ??????? ????????? ???? ? ?????????? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???????. ??????? ????????, ?????? ??????? ??????????? , ?????? ?????? ????? ????, ?????, ?????? ???? ????, ? ???? ???????? ?????????? ??????. ?? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ??????????? ?? ?????? ????... #??????????? ? ??????? #PrivateMoon in Romania

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    #PrivateMoon in Romania. #??????????? ? ???????.

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Qu'il se contente de celle-là de lune, notre brave Leonid...

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