Après les avions en papier, place à l'origami... de quoi vous occuper pendant votre réunion d'équipe du lundi...

  1. It took me about 2 years, but today I've finally finished my Ryujin. from origami

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  3. Chihiro (from Spirited Away) designed by me from origami

  4. Mythical Wolf Dog Designed and Folded by me (Sarjigami) from origami

  5. My first try with a real American dollar. A good start for my new life here? from origami

  6. One of these things. from origami

  7. My favourite origami ship. from origami

  8. Tiny Origami Cranes from origami

  9. Crane bonsai I've been working on for the past little while. Inspired by Naoki Onogawa from origami

  10. My first own design! from origami

  11. Yudai Imai's hedgehog, folded by me from origami

  12. (bonus)

    Origami Star folded by me. from origami