Qu'ils s'agissent d'installations home cinéma de passionnés (et très fortunés), ou de mini salles de projections privées de studios de cinéma, ces décorations feront passer votre nouveau salon pour une salle de ciné nord-coréenne. Ca donnerait presque envie d'y regarder Louis la Brocante... j'ai dit presque.

  1. After 9 months, my baby is ready for the world. from hometheater

  2. My Basement from hometheater

  3. Divorce gift for myself. from hometheater

  4. Why I love coming back to my parents house from hometheater

  5. I converted my attic into a movie theater. Screen is 100”, 5 theater seats and a massage chair (raised 2nd level). I built the fiber optic starboard ceiling 16’x4’. Philips Hue lights recessed so the colors can change. Total cost $20k. What y’all think? from hometheater

  6. My Living Room Home Theater from hometheater

  7. Our first ever apartment home theater! from hometheater

  8. My Parents new house has this amazing 7.2.4 atmos home theater from hometheater

  9. My cozy little setup in our basement, perfect for watching multiple games at once. from hometheater

  10. Still need to do a lot of work but we can finally watch movies! from hometheater

  11. The Man Cave from hometheater