Evan Antin aime la muscu, les voyages et les animaux. Du coup, il a choisi d'être vétérinaire en Californie et de passer le reste du temps à se tailler un corps pas dégueu. La mauvaise nouvelle c'est qu'il y a peu de chance que vous le croisiez un jour à la clinique où vous emmenez Vanille pour ses problèmes de reins, la bonne c'est qu'il a un compte Instagram.

  1. #chinchilla #wildvet #vet #rodent #fracture This was a neat case. Take a look at the radiograph...what a nasty radius AND ulna fracture! This poor 3 month old Chinchilla was being a crazy little rodent and accidentally got his arm caught in his enclosure the wrong way and busted up his lil antebrachium (forearm) pretty good. The fracture is easy to see but look closely and you can see the wide "gray" area around the break-this tells me that the body has already set up a severe inflammatory response to the injury and is already beginning to lay down thick fibrotic scar tissue in an effort to heal the injury. Eventually new bone will be laid down, referred to as a callus, which will further and permanently stabilize the fracture site. An advantage this youngster has is that he will heal much faster than an adult because of the exuberant periosteum (tissue surrounding the bone) young animals have. Due to the size of the animal and stress placed by coaptation (stabilization via bandaging or surgery) I've decided to let this kiddo heal on his own by having his owners restrict activity and give anti-inflammatory & pain medications. As long as he doesn't disrupt the fracture site too much it should heal on it's own. Now PLEASE don't take this mean that if your pet has a possible fracture you do nothing for it-DEFINITELY AND IMMEDIATELY take your pet to a veterinarian to get the care that it needs. Thanks for viewing!

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  2. On t'aimait bien Evan, mais là tu vas un peu trop loin pour nous. Et puis un costard tout propre comme franchement !

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