Kim Anami est coach sexuelle. Pour assurer sa promotion personnelle, elle a eu l'idée géniale de faire un compte Instagram dédié à sa passion : le levage d'objet avec son vagin. Bah oui, c'est beaucoup plus utile qu'on peut y penser un vagin. On peut s'en servir comme assistant personnel. Trop de sacs de course à porter ? Donnez-en un à votre vagin. Votre sac à main vous fait mal à l'épaule, confiez le à votre nouveau meilleur ami : votre vagin. Bon, on va être honnête, on ne sait pas comment ça tient. On a beau zoomer, bien regarder, tourner l'image, imaginer, non... on ne sait pas. Mais ça a l'air de tenir, la preuve :

  1. "Oups, où ai-je mis mon sac à main ?"

  2. "Je ne peux ET tenir la porte, et tenir ma boîte"

    #thingsiliftwithmyvagina Sex Dust: The LA Series One of my havens in LA is Moon Juice. This is a tiny elixir boutique in Venice which houses all kinds of green juices, nut milks and cutting-edge health potions and wild alchemy. They have a collection of herbal “dusts” including “Beauty Dust,” “Heart Dust,” and of course, “Sex Dust,” which is what I’m lifting here. Their Sex Dust is a blend of herbs that do everything from “enlarge stalks” to increase libido. On a deeper level, I want to talk about your own personal sex dust. This is your signature, your glow that you radiate out to the world. It’s what we call charisma. It’s borne out of how much you have taken your sexual energy, your life-force energy and you embody it. When you do that, it becomes this tangible, super attractive quality that people can’t quite put their fingers on. Or rather, want to put their fingers all over. It is the magical quality that distinguishes you as an individual. The more in touch with your own sexual energy you are, the more you show up as a unique being. Because this is your deepest essence that flows from you. It’s the you-est of you. More on this week’s blog: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #sexdust

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  3. "Oups, un mollusque s'est accroché"

    #thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series. On a Bukit beach. With seashell. The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. ~ Isak Dinesen Speaking of salty things that are the cure for all that ails you, I would add semen to that list. Did you know that semen is a proven anti-depressant? One of my favorite, most vindicating studies on the planet demonstrates semen’s efficacy as a mood booster. Dr. Gordon Gallup’s seminal work looked at women who had lots of sex with condoms vs. without condoms. Guess who scored higher in happiness? In this case, the women were “swallowing” with their vaginas. Same dif. I’ve always said that ejaculate gets me high. As usual, science eventually backs me up. Semen is a powerful cocktail of mood-boosting chemicals, nutrients and neurotransmitters. Women, if you are feeling low, commit to a 30-day-diet of ejaculate. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #drinkyourvitamins

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  4. "J'ai chouravé une statuette"

    The LA Series. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina And the Oscar goes to… My vagina. Best Supporting Vagina winner, for sure. I’m standing on Hollywood Boulevard, on the Walk of Fame. My vagina is hovering over the “star” of Hedy Lamarr. Some historical vagina for you: Hedy is the reason why most of you are even reading this right now. You could say she’s the most influential woman of our modern age. Not only was she touted in her day as being the “world’s most beautiful woman” by Louis B. Meyer, she had the first non-pornographic onscreen orgasm in the 1933 silent film “Ecstasy.” My kinda girl. It gets better. Tiring of acting, she took up inventing. Lamarr co-developed a frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that is the basis for modern wifi communication. She registered the patent with her cofounder in 1942 and was inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2014. Beauty, brains, vagina. Even I’m impressed. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #vaginalsuperpowers #bestsupportingvagina #theoscargoesto #oscars

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  5. "Exercice matinal"

    #thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series Infinity pool + coconut frond basket in the hills north of Ubud. With mist. Once you get north of Ubud in Bali, even more magic happens. The crowds thin out and it’s easier to tune into the deep, spiritual energy of the island. We got up before dawn to capture the sunrise light for this photo. The morning mist is still hanging behind us, and to the right, through the mist, you can see a local temple, which is perched on the hillside. Today, from my vagina, I’m lifting a “bungkus.” This is the Indonesian word for a “take-out container.” Back in the day, when you ordered food to go from a local food stall or “warung” (those food carts are all the ancient rage in Asia…), they would wrap it up for you in a banana or palm leaf and send you on your way. I’m lifting a very ornate version of this with many coconut fronds woven together to create a beautiful take-out basket. I actually got this from @alchemybali in Ubud, to carry a host of raw, vegan delights in. Before the onset of plastic, it was fine to throw these over your shoulder into the bushes. Now, people do the same with plastic, and it’s obviously not so fine. It’s great to see a return to the more sustainable ways of old. Including the resurgence of the 5000-year-old practice of Vaginal Kung Fu!! #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #bali #indonesia

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  6. "Quand je m'endors sous un cocotier"

  7. "Tire sur la sonnette"

    thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series Heliconia in archway. I love doorways and portals. I always had the intuitive sense that my sexuality was some kind of portal: a gateway to another dimension. I remember spending an isolated weekend holed up in my family’s summer cabin with my boyfriend, my first love. We never left the confines of that space. Having the entire weekend without any distractions gave us a chance to expose ourselves emotionally without holding back, which resulted in even more powerful and cataclysmic sex. He fucked me open—on every level. When I returned to work on the following Monday, I was carried by an energy and a lightness: I was smarter, wittier, happier, more compassionate, patient, and charming than I could ever remember being. People gravitated to me. Men lingered at my cubicle, finding excuses to talk to me. I had a clear answer for every problem that came my way, and I felt as though I fit in the flow of life. This is the essence of conscious, powerful sex: using our intimate connection to transform our lives. Fast forward almost twenty years from that first experience with moving sexual energy and now I can make love to my partner without even touching him. I can have an orgasm from the sound of his voice. I can feel his touch when he is on another continent. My sexual experiences have become so deep, so life-changing, that I’ve dedicated my life’s work to show others how the same is possible for them. And it is. They are possible for everyone. The 8-week Vaginal Kung Fu Salon begins on Thursday. Are you coming? Link in bio. #vaginalkungfu #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalsuperpowers

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  8. "Hey, c'est l'heure du surf"

  9. "5 fruits et légumes par jour"

  10. "Ma cueillette du jour"

  11. "Moi avec mes pines-co"

    Feeling all that proud girl power in the office. ??? #thingsiliftwithmyvagina

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  12. "Il est où mon smoothie ?"

  13. "Salopard de pêcheur, il m'a eue !"

    #thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series. Mermaid Lifting Dragon Fruit with Vagina. "I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." ~Anais Nin The deeper you go into the vagina, the more powerful the orgasm. The internal orgasms, like the G-Spot and cervix, are much more intense, pleasurable and cataclysmic. They leave you feeling reborn. Like a phoenix rising from the flames. They are possible for every woman. A strong and articulate vagina helps with that. And, well, the dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is the most crazy/beautiful fruit–– I have ever seen in my life. High in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. It is known to heal bruises and wounds faster and boost immunity. Heh. Sounds like a vagina. For more info on strong and articulate vaginas and how you can get one, check out the link in the bio. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #tropicalfruitsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #vaginalsuperpowers #vaginasheal

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  14. "Petits bras"

"New year, new vagina"

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