Chaque année, pour la dernière semaine d'août, le désert du Black Rock au Nevada accueille le fameux Burning Man, festival déluré mythique. Véritable ville éphémère, le lieu du Burning Man voit défiler le temps d'une semaine des festivaliers et des artistes vêtus de tenues toutes plus originales les unes que les autres dans une ambiance brûlante. Le photographe Trey Ratcliff, professionnel de la photo haute définition, nous entraîne dans l'univers hors norme de ce festival gigantesque.

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    Let's jump from one of my favorite artists at Burning Man to another! Here's The Head Maze by Matthew Schultz and his team @theheadmaze . I didn't get to take as many photos of it as I wanted because it was on the opposite side of the playa from me. My bike was not working that well this year, and making the multi-mile round-trip to this piece was really taking its toll! Also, sadly, I never stood in line to go inside and take the whole tour. That's mostly because I'm lazy and I hate standing in line. I'm sure I could have asked Matt to give me a personal tour and not stand in line, but that's an asshole kinda thing to do at Burning Man... so, I didn't even consider asking. #Headmaze #burningman #industwetrust #burningman2019 #art

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Source : Trey Ratcliff via Érectile