Anshuman Ghosh, artiste basé en Afrique du Sud, transforme son iPhone en divers objets du quotidien à l'aide de petits bouts de papier. Le résultat est tellement impressionnant qu'on a mis quelques secondes à comprendre comment il faisait (ok on est pas hyper réveillés ce matin).

  1. The Delhi Belly Series (4 of 4) ft. Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka! Hi there! This is the last post from my Delhi Belly Series but it's sadly also my last post for at least another 10 days ???. Since my wife and more importantly her phone are still in India, I don't have anything to take pictures of my phone ???. What this sadly means is till such time as I am reunited with my wife and her phone, I can't take pictures of any artworks. Unless, someone wants to lend me their camera ?. I think I'll make the most of this week long sabbatical and get up to date with all the lovely comments I haven't replied to in such a long time. Keep well and see you soon! #sp #ballantines #ballantinessa #staytrue #artwork #arts_gallery #phoneframes #phoneframing

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  2. COLLABORATION TIME! Besides getting to see beautiful pictures everyday, what I love most about @instagram is that it gives a platform for artists to collaborate - where else would I have been able to collaborate with Melbourne based baker, Vickie Liu (@vickiee_yo). Vickie's Instagram account is by far one of the most creative (and humorous) ones that I have come across. She creates quirky cookies and her creations are laced with puns and humour ? so do make it a point to hop on over to her feed and give her a follow! Vickie and I will be collaborating on 4 pieces of artwork over the next 4 weeks wherein we will try to combine what both of us are good at and create something unique - so get ready to see a lot of cookies and paper cutouts ?. This is the first one in the series and it is called "I Only Have Fr-eyes For You!". I must admit I have used a fair degree of "creative license" for this collab but what must one do when the artists are separated by 10,321 kms and two giant oceans ???? Hope you dig the concept! #artwork #arts_gallery #collaboration #cookies #minimalsouthafrica

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Et votre smartphone à vous, il a autant de gueule ?

Source : Instagram d'Anshuman