Plus de 30 000 photos issues des archives de la NYPD vont être numérisées et dévoilées au public grâce à l'initiative du National Endowment for the Humanities. Ces milliers d'image qui prenaient la poussière dans des cartons documentent une période allant de 1914 à 1975 et seront désormais visibles sur Internet. Parmi elles, des scènes de crimes, des accidents ou des événements qui ont marqué le siècle dernier et nous fascinent autant qu'ils nous renseignent sur le passé.

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    If you are familiar with the present-day Park Circle – the high-volume five-legged traffic circle in the Windsor Terrace and Kensington neighborhoods of Brooklyn – this image will come as no surprise. On this day in 1919, this Park Circle trolley was involved in an accident that garnered the interest of dozens of bystanders. Prints of historical photos like this one - and two million others available in our digital gallery - are on sale through January 2, 2020. Use the code “HOLIDAYS” for 20% off. #thisdayinhistory #nycarchives #nychistory #Brooklyn #WindsorTerrace #Kensington #ConeyIslandAvenue #parkcircle #bw #nyc #vintagenyc #vintagephotos #trolley #onthisday #1919 #tdih

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    #TBT: Last week marked the 56th anniversary of one of the worst airplane accidents in #NYC history. On December 16, 1960 - just one day before the 57th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight - two aircrafts collided midair killing all 128 passengers and 6 pedestrians. United Airlines flight 826 was travelling from Illinois to JFK Airport when it collided with Trans World Airlines’ Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation traveling from Dayton, Ohio to LaGuardia Airport. Following the collision over Staten Island, the Super Constellation landed in Miller Field in Staten Island, while the United Airlines jet crashed in the densely populated neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Eyewitnesses to the tragedy reported seeing burning aircraft remnants, charred bodies and wrapped holiday gifts falling to the ground. The crash resulted in severe fires for several blocks and the destruction of a few surrounding buildings, including a church ironically named “Pillar of Fire.” This accident also marked the first time a flight data recorder or “black box” was used during a crash investigation to provide extensive details about the aircraft’s last flight. Recently, our social media team set out to document remnants of the accident that are still visible. Check out more images from the day, along with the present-day view, on our Facebook page ( #nycarchives #throwbackthursday

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Source : NYC Department of Records, Hyperallergic