À l'occasion des 125 ans du National Géographic, on vous avait déjà sélectionné le meilleur des photos jamais publiées. Aujourd'hui, vous avez droit à la sélection des 25 photos marquantes des 125 ans, choisies par le site officiel du magazine. De magnifiques clichés qui saisissent, transportent et provoquent la soif d'aventure...

  1. Un couple de jaguars à Cancun (Mexique, 2001)

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    Photo ? by @stevewinterphoto Here are two jaguars tied up in a boat as part of a tourist attraction in #cancun Mexico ? I’m posting this because I believe we all need to know about the thousands of cub petting operations that exist for big cats around the world ? these places often offer us a chance to take a selfie ? but what we don’t realise is that these animals will never be able to go back into the wild! Sometimes they are even traded for traditional medicine, illegal zoos or worse! If you get offered the chance to play with a big cat or a cub, remember to say no! Follow me @stevewinterphoto for more shots of the big cats we love in the wild ? . . . . . #selfie #sayno #animalabuse #tigerking #wildlifeconservation #awareness #catsofinsta #catsofinstagram

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  2. Sous la rivière Okavango (Botswana, 2004)

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    A Bayei fisherman standing in his mokoro peers into the water to watch me work in the dense lily gardens of the Botswana's Okavango Delta. The sunlight cast a long shadow behind the fisherman creating an effect that reminds me of an African tribal carving. The Okavango Delta, a tectonic trough that creates a seasonal wetland oasis in the heart of the Kalahari desert became the 1000th UNESCO world heritage site in June 2014. The floodplains sustain life giving water to vast herds of African wildlife. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo Africas Miracle Delta. With @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @the_explorers_club #africa #botswana #edge #extreme #freshwater #okavangodelta #worldheritagesite #UNESCO for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet

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  3. La péninsule de Trotternish, sur l'île de Skye (Écosse, 2008)

  4. Dans les prairies Sand Hills, au Nebraska (États-Unis)

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    Upcoming Workshop Alert! Join me in Santa Fe for my workshop “The Poetry of Place” if you want your photography to reach deeper into the soul of things. In my work for National Geographic I reach for the essence of place, where photography has a chance to become visual poetry. Creating images that speak to both exploration and reflection, that transform simple facts into rich insight remains an elusive goal — but one of photography’s most rewarding quests. “Travel Photography: The Poetry of Place” is a workshop combining a visual voyage with the goal of insight. I will be at Santa Fe Workshops March 15 - 20, 2020. To register, go to: http://bit.ly/JRichardson Or follow the link to Santa Fe Workshop on my profile page.

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Source et plus de photos: National Geographic et dans un numéro collector !