Une exposition d'Helmut Newton se tient, actuellement et jusqu'au 17 juin, au Grand Palais. Organisée par sa femme, on y retrouvera parmi les plus beaux clichés de sa carrière de photographe. Et pour vous encourager à aller admirer le travail d'une vie, et vous rincer l’œil par la même occasion, voici une petite sélection des plus belles photos d'Helmut Newton :

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    Did you know that Saul Leiter also photographed nudes in the studio? These pictures remained virtually under lock and key during his lifetime; only a few of his friends knew his quiet, intimate black-and-white images. While Leiter had his color film processed by photo labs in New York, he developed the nudes himself in his own darkroom. His female models were friends or lovers, whom the artist portrayed in his New York apartment.? ? Saul Leiter? Untitled (Marianne), New York, undated? © Saul Leiter Foundation,? courtesy @howardgreenberggallery? ? #helmutnewton #helmutnewtonfoundation #saulleiter #saulleiterfoundation #visit_berlin #weloevecharlottenburg #instamuseum #museumers #berlincity ?

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    Happy 97th Birthday to our President, June Newton! Born in Melbourne in 1923 as June Browne, the Australian actress first met Helmut Newton in 1947 at his photo studio in Melbourne. They soon married, relocated to Paris in 1961, and in 1970 she launched her own career as a photographer under the pseudonym Alice Springs. June Newton aka Alice Springs went on to create an impressive body of work, while also being responsible for the books and exhibitions of her husband Helmut Newton. Together, they developed the idea of the Helmut Newton Foundation, which, following Helmut’s untimely death in January 2004, June Newton inaugurated on her birthday on June 3, 2004. Today, we extend our warmest wishes to June Newton, who is celebrating her special day in Monte Carlo. Photo: Helmut Newton, June, Melbourne 1950s, Copyright Helmut Newton Estate. #happybirthdayjunenewton #junenewton #alicesprings #Helmutnewtonfoundation #helmutnewton #photographers #welovephotography #photocollection #photocollector #celebratejunenewton

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    #dogsofinstagram with Yves Saint Laurent photographed by Alice Springs, aka June Newton, in 1978 in Paris. ? ? Alice Springs started working in the 1970s on her own photographic oeuvre, which has also often been featured at the Helmut Newton Foundation. The artists, actors, and musicians she portrayed reads like a who’s who of the international cultural scene from the past 40 years on both sides of the Atlantic – from Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld to Billy Wilder and Diana Vreeland, and even the Hells Angels. Although many of her subjects are from the jet set, their social status was not a priority for her. Her photographs range from commissions for magazines to independent projects. ? ? Come and see the show "Alice Springs. Portraits" at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. On view until 18 November.? ? © Alice Springs? ? #alicesprings #junenewton #helmutnewtonfoundation #berlin #Yvessaintlaurent ?

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Source : Helmut Newton Fundation