Depuis 3 jours, Londres fait face à de graves émeutes. Les journaux britanniques viennent puiser leurs gros titres dans le répertoire musical british, l'occasion de faire un petit break musical special "riot".

  1. SEX PISTOLS - ANARCHY IN THE UK: "Anarchy for the U.K, It's coming sometimes "
  2. THE SMITHS - PANIC: "Panic on the streets of London, Panic on the streets of Birmingham, I wonder to myself, Could life ever be sane again ?"
  3. THE CLASH - LONDON CALLING:"London calling to the faraway towns, Now war is declared, and battle come down"
  4. KAISER CHIEFS - I PREDIC A RIOT :"A friend of a friend he got beaten, He looked the wrong way at a policeman"
  5. THE CLASH - LONDON'S BURNING :"All across the town, all across the night, Everybody's driving with full headlights, Black or white turn it on, face the new religion, Everybody's sitting 'round watching television!"
  6. THE PRODIGY - FIRESTARTER : "Im a firestarter, twisted firestarter"
  7. KASABIAN - FIRE :"Take me into the fight and I’m an easy brother, And I’m on fire"
  8. U2 - OUT OF CONTROL :"I was of a feeling it was out of control"
  9. OASIS - STREET FIGHTING MAN (ROLLING STONE COVER): "Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy"

Et vous, vous en voyez d'autres des chansons anglaises spéciales Londres "allez on fait tout péter"?