Un arrêt de bus, normalement c'est moche. Un gros truc en plastique sur lequel est assis un petit vieux qui peste parce que les bus sont toujours à l'heure et que du temps du Maréchal, c'était autre chose. C'est aussi un excellent moyen d'expression pour certains publicitaires qui veulent sortir du cadre. La preuve en 56 exemples. Pourquoi 56 ? Ca, ça nous regarde petit homme.

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  6. 1. Headlights shine directly in the model's breasts.

  7. 2. The reflection forms the company logo.

  8. 3. It's like stepping inside the oven.

  9. 4. The bench looks like a giant ice bar.

  10. 5. The actual Ikea couch in the bus stop.

  11. 6. A cellphone charging station for alternative energy source.

  12. 7. Can you imagine finding something like this?

  13. 8. A bench that also function as a weighing scale.

  14. 9. Chairs in different sizes and designs in the bus stop.

  15. 10. A bus stop that would make you feel like Barbie.

  16. 11. An ad that changes background as more trash are dropped inside.

  17. 12. A ramp with a skateboarding mannequin.

  18. 13. A Windex ad that shows the real cars that passed by.

  19. 14. Free coffee grounds ad from McDonald's.

  20. 3M Security Glass Ad At A Bus Stop

  21. 15. A shed that looks like a goal net.

  22. Meteor bus stop ad

  23. (bonus) Photoshop fail

    This bus stop ad from awfuleverything