Les photos noir et blanc, c'est beau, mais c'est globalement la déprime. Même si on arrive à comprendre que 100 ans à l'échelle de l'humanité c'est quasi rien, on a du mal à s'imaginer le monde "d'avant" en couleurs, et donc on peine à s'identifier. Mais ça, c'était avant le tas d'amateurs actifs sur le sub Reddit Colorized History. Leurs travaux, outre le fait qu'ils soient extrêmement bien travaillés, nous rappellent qu'avant, finalement, c'était pareil...

  1. The Eiffel Tower, July 1888 (colorized)

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  4. Sideshow barker at the circus

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  11. Clam seller on Mulberry Bend, New York, ca 1900. Note the cute BFFs in the corner :D

  12. Cab Stand in Madison Square Garden, ca 1900

  13. Piles of snow on Broadway with an ironic ad, after storm, New York, ca 1905

  14. Detail... checking out the woman in red ;)

  15. Smile for the camera!! Holiday goers in Atlantic City, New Jersey ca 1905. I made this one specifically to hang in my bathroom

  16. Detail. It was required by law to dress in full covering, navy blue swimsuits.

  17. Sidewheeler Tashmoo leaving wharf in Detroit, ca 1901. It was famous for being one of the fastest ships, at the time, on the Gre

  18. Curb Market in NYC, ca 1900

  19. Auto Wreck in Washington DC, 1921

  20. Flat Iron in New York City, ca 1903

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  23. colorized

  24. Times Square, 1947 (colorized)

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  26. Dick Winters and his Easy Company (HBO's Band of Brothers) lounging at Eagle's Nest, Hitler's (former) residence. Colorized by m

Sources : Sanna Dullaway, Jordan Lloyd, 22 words, Colorized History