Elle se nomme Sara Puhto, elle possède pas mal d’abonnés sur Insta, et a décidé de montrer la différence entre ce qu’on voit habituellement sur les photos de ventres rentrés et de popotins bombés, et la vraie réalité de la vraie vie : du bidou, mais du bonheur quand même.


Booty pop ?? I was scrolling through my old photos and came across these photos where I was trying to take one of those sandy bum pics ? I posted the right one back in January, but the left is the reality behind that photo ?? I still sometimes get a slight pang of sadness and jealousy when I see all the big beautiful bums on instagram and wish I could magically have what they have. Because sometimes I feel like all my booty gains are gone when I take photos where it looks smaller, but then I remember that I shouldn't compare my body to theirs. I have a great booty and so do they! It's all about posing/angles and nobody looks like that all the time. There's nothing wrong with posting a good photo of your booty, you should post it if you feel like it! Just remember that when you're scrolling through social media and see all the posed bums that you too have a great bum and that nobody looks like that 24/7 ?? It seems like big butts are the thing that so many people want currently. But remember that you don't need a big booty to be beautiful. All butts are good butts ?? All of our bodies are different and you don't need a specific body type to fit into what society defines as beautiful!! It's stressful and so messed up that body parts and types are going in and out of style- before it was being really thin, now it's having a big booty. That shouldn't be a thing. It causes so much stress and self hate to people who do not have these things. I know it's hard but instead of trying to obtain these things, love how you look now. Not how you'll look if you loose X amount of weight or get a bigger booty. Because trust me when you get to those things you'll just want something more. Be comfortable in your own skin no matter what angle, posed or unposed, and you'll radiate beauty! ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #bopowarrior #bootypop #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bootyfordays #bootybuilding #instagramvsreallife #beforeafter #selfconfidence #youareyou #dontchange #acceptyourself #bodypositive #lawofattraction #everyoneisbeautiful #selflove #bepresent #findyourself #dontcare #cellulite #effyourbeautystandards

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Don’t let society pressure you into thinking you have to change your body ? You don’t need to suck in your tummy and flex 24/7 in order to “look good”. You don’t need to change your body to love your body. You don’t need to workout or diet to wear certain clothing. Don’t be ashamed of how your body looks when it’s relaxed. I only look the way I do on the left if I suck in, pose, have good lighting and flex my tummy. Social media shows a split second of someone’s life. Society has made us obsessed with thinking we have to be leaner, go on diets, workout and have minimal body fat in order to be happy. But we don’t realise that if you get all these things, you won’t magically fall in love with how you look all of a sudden. There will always be a new insecurity, unless you start loving yourself the way you are and not constantly thinking you need to change your body to love and accept your body. Beauty related companies make money and strive off our insecurities, making us think we need to buy the latest diet pills, waist trainers, hair removal creams, anti blemish or stretch mark lotions, workout plans, meal replacers or supplements to look good. We need to realise that we don’t need any of these things. All your “flaws” are normal. We are not meant to be perfect or flawless. The way you look should not dictate your health or your worth or your happiness. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Respect and love your body, as well as other people’s bodies. ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #instagramvsreality #changethewayyouthink #focusonyourself #bodygoals #idealbody #powerofpositivity

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Body fat ? No matter how much you workout, no matter how much healthy food you eat, you will always have body fat. We are meant to have fat on our bodies. There is nothing wrong with it. There are thousands of search results and ads on how to lose tummy fat but not nearly as many on how to love your body and accept it as it is. These articles telling you normal things like tummy fat, cellulite, wrinkles are things you should be ashamed of, should hide, and get rid of. Making us obsessed with hiding and getting rid of them. Don’t live your life constantly hating the way you look or constantly wanting to change yourself just to “look good”. Thinking you’ll “look good” and “be happy” when you change yourself. There is so much more to life than constantly stressing about what other people think about your body. Don’t get brainwashed into thinking that its common to have no fat on your tummy and that abs are visible 24/7 if you “work out hard enough”. Don’t let yourself think that you’re not trying hard enough and that you have to keep trying harder. Don’t let food and working out control your every thought. It’s also not our job to police other people’s bodies. Healthy is different on everyone. Being happy with your body is possible no matter what shape or size. You are beautiful and worthy. You do not need to change yourself. ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #bodyfat #instagramvsreality #perfectlyimperfect #workoutmotivation #obsession #flaws

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Instagram vs real life ??? If I saw the photo on the left a year ago I would've instantly thought so negatively about my body, that all my hard work from working out was non existent, that if someone looked at me they would've never thought I've been working out for 2 years and think I wasn't trying hard enough. But the thing is is that all bodies look different. Nobody's booty looks round and peachy from all angles. Nobody's body looks the same from all angles. Don't eat less or miss out on your favorite meals/drinks or over exercise to "look good for a holiday" or to "look good in bikini photos" because there will always be angles that are "unflattering" that might make you feel bad when you see them. Instead workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, not as a punishment. Start loving and accepting your body at all angles with all your "flaws", instead of trying to fit into societies image of 'beauty' because that image isn't inclusive of all individuals, which is so messed up. Don't hate yourself just because of bad photos, they do not define you as a person. You look the best when you're living life to the fullest and happiest. There's no point in missing out on things and stressing yourself out so much. Life isn't meant to be a competition on who can look the best and we should normalize not having to "look perfect" all the time because it's a ridiculous concept. You are perfect the way you are ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #instagramvsreallife #beforeandafter #lawofattraction #bodypositive #bekindtoyourself #lifeisgreat #dowhatyoulove #veganbooty #youareenough #progressnotperfection #bodyimage #vegansofig #girlswhoworkout #selflove #youarebeautiful #veganfitness #loa #fitnessjourney #bopo #bodyacceptance #bodyconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #bepresent #justbe #moderation #balanceddiet #staypositive #thinkpositive

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Unrealistic expectations ? This past week I’ve been feeling insecure about my body. Slipping back into old thoughts, thinking I constantly look bloated or looking in the mirror or at photos and just getting insecure. But then I realise that everything thats creating these negative thoughts comes from weird unrealistic expectations that I set myself. Like thinking I have to have a flat toned tummy all the time, expecting that my stomach won’t expand after eating or change through out the day. But why does it even matter? Why do we waste so much time, energy and happiness caring about the way we look so much?? I only look the way I do on the left if I lie down, lift my upper body up slightly, flex and am in good lighting. There is no way I could look like that 24/7. So why do we expect ourselves to? Don’t strive for unrealistic expectations. Love your body the way it is. Don’t take it for granted. Next time you’re feeling insecure, please realise that everyone has insecurities. We are our own worst critics and feel like our insecurities are the worst thing in the world. But these insecurities stem from such unrealistic expectations that are shown to us constantly and we don’t even realise it. We see pictures that are posed, filtered, even photoshopped and assume people look like this all the time. We’re comparing someone’s best, edited photos to our everyday body!! So embrace your insecurities, don’t stress about small things that are actually completely normal. Love your body and yourself because you’re absolutely incredible, both inside and out. ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #mybody #flatstomach #loveyourbody #selfesteem #lawofattraction #thankyourbody #youareworthit #youareunique #flaws #insecurities

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Changing the way you see yourself? I used to get so influenced by other people’s comments on my body, by comments and photos I saw all over media about other people’s bodies. It shaped the way I thought about what an “ideal body” was. Yet I never saw my body as “ideal”. There was always something I wanted to change about myself and thought if I changed that I would be happy. I thought my body was wrong and odd. I usually get told my stomach is too bloated looking. My stomach sticks out a lot, it’s just the way it is and I can’t change that. When I relax my body, my tummy just sticks out. Because of this I would always suck in my tummy and pose in certain ways to make it appear smaller. Some people will always have something negative to say, if I relax my body, many people say I’m fat. When I used to post fitness photos people would say I looked better before. When I was younger and didn’t gain weight easily, people would call me too skinny, or tell me to “go eat a burger”. We a have different shapes to our bodies. Just because someone’s body doesn’t look like yours doesn’t mean that it’s ugly or wrong. We keep seeing comments and hearing words that influence the way we see ourselves. They shape the words we say to ourselves and what we eventually believe and see ourselves as. We’re so used to focusing on negativity and letting it rule out all the positivity. We need to stop listening to these negative things. Start only focusing on the positive things, start believing the positive things you tell yourself and learn to love yourself the way you are now. Because even if you change something you don’t like, you’ll always find something else that you want to change. You don’t need to change yourself in any way. Change the way you talk to yourself and the way you view yourself. We are all different and can’t all look the same. There is no one “ideal body”. Your body is perfectly ideal the way it is no matter what anyone says or what the negative thoughts in your head tell you. ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #instagramvsreality #changethewayyouthink #focusonyourself #bodygoals #idealbody #powerofpositivity

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Wanting to be “perfect” ? When I was a “fitness instagrammer” I used to worry about people who saw me on Instagram, seeing me in real life and thinking my body does not look like my photos, because I was always posed and flexing in them. I used to suck in my belly all the time because I didn’t think it was normal for someone who consistently worked out for 2 years to STILL have tummy fat. I didn’t realise it was normal because I always saw photos of people sucking in their tummy/flexing. I always assumed that when you have a flat tummy, it stays flat 24/7, no matter what position you’re in. But that’s not true. Why do we worry so much about what other people think of us? constantly feeling insecure and stressed about “not looking good enough”. But It will never be “good enough” if you aren’t happy with the way you are now. You’ll never be happy and comfortable with how your body looks if you aren’t comfortable with natural things like tummy fat, cellulite, stretch marks etc. Because these are normal things that don’t just disappear. So we shouldn’t be ashamed of them. We shouldn’t be worried about what people think of them because there is nothing wrong with having them. We need to embrace them, stop feeling insecure about them and wasting our time and energy about things that are completely natural!! We need to focus on loving our bodies for the things they allows us to do. Don’t take your body for granted and stress about small things that are normal! You are incredible the way you are. ??? ------------------------------------------ . . . #mybody #flatstomach #loveyourbody #selfesteem #lawofattraction #thankyourbody #youareworthit #youareunique #flaws #insecurities

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Balec du bikini body, ça part en bombe dans la piscine.

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