The Undressed_chef mène un drôle de combat : prendre du poids. Pas des muscles, hein, de la graisse. Et ça le regarde, après tout. Il fait aussi un autre truc marrant, qui consiste à prendre des photos de mecs ultra-musclés et secs ou de meufs ultra fit sur Instagram pour les refaire à sa façon, avec son corps à lui (un peu moins sec, il faut l’avouer). De quoi faire décomplexer n’importe qui, et ça on apprécie.


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- Just casually doing a photo shoot naked ??, now let’s be honest I thought my ? would stick out a little more ??? ? ? Shout out to @kylekrieger for today’s DadBod vs the world inspiration ??? ? ? So so many of you always ask and dm me “how do you feel now with the DadBod vs normal fit mark”... well I can tell you, I nearly pulled a bloody hammie getting into this position ???, secondly I felt like my lower back was going to snap from arching so much????????, and I wasn’t even arching that much haha and tbh I was a little puffed out after it ??? ? ? Now the DadBod Challenge isn’t about “glorifying obesity” it’s about showing you guys how to be comfortable in your own skin and then as our show launches, giving you the necessary skills to make a positive lifestyle change for your future. ? ? No that doesn’t mean you have to have abs, hell if I just lost 10kgs, kept a slightly smaller DadBod, spent a year - year and a half building all my strength and conditioning and mobility back then we would be able to live life with much much more vigor. ? ? This isn’t about abs, it’s about being able to do everything your ever wanted in life with no constraints no inhibitions and just having a ball. ? ? We’re all guna die someday right, I’m sure you wanna look back just as much as I do and go man, that was one hell of a ride ???????? ? ? As always tag some friends ??, and spread some DadBod love ???

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